Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer O' Fun

summer is FINALLY getting exciting! Today I went and grabbed coffee with two of my guy friends (wink michelle, alena, and jessica) and then we went and played Wii at one of their houses. Tomorrow I am going shopping with Alena and Michelle. Jessica would be there too but sadly she cannot because of her recent knee surgery :[.

Tomorrow the real reason I am going to the mall is because I need a semi-formal dress for formal night on the EUROPEAN CRUISE I am going on next week! (it will be my first time in europe and i am exceptionally excited in case you couldn't tell!) Unfortunately, I am making ANOTHER trip to forever 21...I know, I know I have a PROBLEM! But I need to go the mall because my brother needs to shop too so my dad can drop us off at the same place, and until I can drive (two more months, two more months) I cannot get to any thrift stores. But you better believe that as soon as I CAN drive, the first thing I am doing is finding a thrift store nearby and going shopping!

I looked at the forever website to find some options, what do you think? I'm tight on money so I'd rather buy one that I can dress down to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I think this one might be the winner, because it seems the most versatile:
I have been dying for something floral, and this one is cute. I am planning on buying a pair of knee socks tomorrow, so I could definitely use them to play this up:
I have also been dying for something fringe: This one is a lot similar:
I tried on these two last time. I liked both of them, but not enough to buy them:

From far away, this kind of reminded me of something Rodarte would do.. But a closer look and turns out its just striped linen, not knit...

Also, I can't help but post some of the most OBVIOUS knockoffs ever:

Miu Miu-
And seriously, I could not stop laughing when I saw these...I think its also funny, because to people who don't have "fashion minds" the Chloe heels are a little strange so to abercrombie wearing girls who stumble into forever, well, I really wish I knew what they were thinking
(i promise, I wont come back with these! i dont have a problem with knock-offs, but these just...wow... i think I would feel like I was betraying Chloe or something...)

Ah..two more months of Forever and H&M days...then its all vintage from there!

oh one last thing: I really want to try a Karla's Closet tomorrow, and try on some men's clothes. To get into the Vatican in Italy, I need to wear something past the knees, so I want to get a pair of men's pants and roll them up!

Ok expect some pictures tomorrow!


MadameDior said...

I would probably go for the stripped dress, very very cute for summer and it is party, shopping and beach outfit worthy =] And those knockoffs, i could laugh

p.s, I've started anew blog on individual style (http://flightofphancy.blogspot.com/)hope u can visit =]

elle said...

the first fringed dress is fab. maybe for the vatican you should look at 7/8ths?

michelle said...

Did you ever find a dress, bebe? :)

Times of Glory said...

Dear, I can see you have picked a gorgeous selection! How beautiful! I love the fringe dress - 1920s flapper look, superb!

Ragamala said...

my sister bought a tiered dress for prom. They are so crazy flattering for everyone!

Nemerae said...

Hii!! ^^
OMG I do love the first black dress!! *.* and also the Marni shoes, but maybe they would be better in brown :P
I'll do the questionnaire in my blog tomorrow, I promise! is very interesting indeed, so thanks for having tagged me =)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love ruffles and fringe lately, I love all the pieces that you picked out.

emma said...

i wore a fringe dress for prom and i LOVE it, definatly get one

Wendy said...

I laughed when I read what your wrote about those Chloe knock offs. I was at F21 today and saw some A&F girls just totally confused. I want the black version.