Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mall Rat

Sorry for the lack of posting! I've been having blogger's block! So Wednesday was a fun mall trip! Tried on tons of clothes and I didn't even find a dress! Some just weren't right, most mostly they didn't have my size! i tried on the PERFECT dress at forever! BUT it was too big, and it was a noticeable big! So I bought accessories instead! Oh and skirt! I got a pair of heels, a bow headband, white knee socks, and A PAIR OF FAKE GLASSES! ..which are basically the coolest thing I have ever bought! Luckily Alena let me borrow a few dresses for my cruise, which I will put to good use! But we had a ton of fun, and I got to see Michelle for a little while before she had to go, but it was still really good to see the two of them! But we missed Jessica a lot!
I've finally been enjoying summer! I saw Wall.E with my friend yesterday, which has got to be the cutest movie ever! And today I hung out with some of my friends and had a great time. I got to see a few that I hadn't seen since school let out, and we made mii's and went swimming. And a few of us got new nicknames..I am now Sugar Packet, apparently. (I'm sorry..In case you haven't noticed, I ramble a LOT)
OH GOOD NEWS: monday the four of us (Alena, Michelle, Jessica, and I) are going to go to the Goodwill (turns out there is one really close to my dad's restaurant!)! I'm excited! And then we are going to watch Audrey movies, because, well...she's amazing.

what I wore to the mall:
(I think this vest is lucky or time I was wearing it with a high waisted white skirt, black tank, belt, and flats while shopping and a Norstrom sales lady came up to me and said "Sorry, I just really wanted to tell you that you look so cute!" And while Alena and I were in Aldo (I had to pass up a great pair of heels because I know my parents would kill me if I spent $50 this close to vacation) and one of the sales ladies asked me before I was about to leave where I got my belt. And then I started chatting with two of them about the fashion from the SATC movie)
striped vest: Orange County Swapmeet; white tee: H&M; gray dress:f21; studded belt:brothers; sandals (not shown): Target

Alena's H&M dress with my new accessories:

Alena's new gladiator sandals from Nordstrom (forgot brand!)

fooling around with new glasses, socks, headband, and shoes

..and skirt


Nemerae said...

Thanks for your comment ^^
Yep, I should buy a brown jacket! and also a pair of gladiator sandals like yours in black, but in brown *.* I've been looking for them in shops of my city and there are no ones like that =( if I don't find them on sale, maybe I'll buy them from the Net, Asos 4 instance. But I do need ones like that!! :P haha
Btw, nice dress! ^^

ROBOTS said...

ohh! loved your gladiator sandals

elle said...

I love bow hairbands and yours looks so cute!

Miss at la Playa said...

you look so funny in those pics! :P
All the outfits are lovely, but I adore your glasses!

Thanks for your lovely comment


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Fashion Extacy said...

you're such a cutie! loving the glasses :]

Emily said...

Cute! I especially love the knee socks