Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Simplicity at its best-Brian Reyes, Resort 09

I wasn't very familiar with Brian Reyes until last fall, looking through the Spring 08 shows. Once I stumbled across his collection I fell in love with his simplicity. He kind of has this "I'm kidding around here" quality to his clothes. Theres no show. There's no "Hmm...I wonder how this would translate to real life.." because its all laid out in front of you. Just easy to wear dresses, skirts, and jackets. But don't get me wrong, his clothes still carry that "designer" quality to it. I really enjoy his Resort 09 collection and the incorporation of breezy , casual looks accompanied by beautiful summer dresses that easily take you from day to night. This first look to the left is my absolute favorite of this collection. Dresses like this is simplicity at its best.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Brian Reyes! I didn't hear about him until I saw Rachel Bilson wearing one of his dresses which looked adorable on her.


Why don't we see more of his designs??!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Brian Reyes needs to be seen more places!