Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jak and Jil, Part 2

I know these pictures have been up for quite a while, but they continue to inspire me and push me harder to work towards my goal of working in the fashion industry, and I hope they inspire you as well. So I leave you tonight (after my non-stop posts of random inspiration) with these pictures from Jak and Jil and hope that one day those of us who wish to be in these women's shoes (literally and figuratively) will be. Good Night:

Pure Heaven

I know this is from a while back, but I just sigh everytime I see this picture from Jak and Jil. This is what Paris fashion is all about. Sophisticated, yet effortless! I don't think I'll ever get tired of the Yves Saint Laurent Tributes, no matter how many blogs and magazines show them. More pictures to come that I will soon steal from Jak and Jil, its street style Heaven.

For the love of Lanvin!

It's about time my personal favorite got some recognition! Lately Alber Elbaz's delicious designs have been everywhere, and not just on Natalie Portman, even if she does win the title of most Lanvin in one week. From the runway to the celebs, Lanvin has this quality to it that makes it looks like it melts into your skin. It just looks so luxurious. Alber knows how to dress a woman so well! Also, if you look on the Lanvin site, you can see these pictures of the store windows in Paris which are positively the most stunning window displays possible.

Celebs at Cannes:

spring/summer 08

fall/winter 08:

Paris store windows:

And of course, Mr. Elbaz himself...isn't he adorable?

sorry sorry for this super long post full of Lanvin-ness. Its just too amazing, I had to share!

saw this and thought it would be fun to share, Harper's Bazaar August 2007, Alber does Simpsons!

I'm in Love

Editorial: Crown of Love
Magazine: Lula #6
Issue: Spring/Summer 2008
Model: Siri Tollerod