Monday, May 26, 2008

My Current Shoe Obsessions

There's always been something about Chloe that I've been a fan of, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Its one of those designers (like Balenciaga or Marc Jacobs' 2008 collections) whose collection takes some time to grow on me. My first thought is "Not exactly my cup of tea..." but as I see more and more of it online, in magazines, and on celebrities, I start to really love everything about. The one thing about Chloe that doesn't take me some time to warm up to is its shoes. Like a lot of the shoes that I'm posting about today, I love a chunky, interesing shoe. I'm a sucker for anything that shoes creativity and is unlike anything else. Its the only thing that should make sense about designer shoes. If people are going to pay so much money for them, and make such a huge deal about them....well, they better be something special! Chloe's heels are always something to get excited about. Last season's patent leather wedge ankle boot, this season's cone heel sandal, or this fall's pointy toed feathered heels are all unlike anything else. For me, the best shoes are the ones that completely change an outfit's image, maybe making it a bit edgier or girlier, adding a pop of color or toning it down a bit.

Please excuse my poor photoshop skills...they're terrible! Marni shoes are the God of chunky heels. Marni is one of the very few designers to make me love and crave a wedge heel. Usually I can' stand wedges, except in the right circumstances. Don't get me wrong, wedges are great for some people, and sometimes they are perfect for an outfit, but they're just not my favorite shoe. But when it comes to Marni wedges...well, that's another story. Marni's clothes are known for their sleak silhouettes and clean lines and their shoes are no exception.

This post is already getting long so I'll keep this one short: WOW. Givenchy shoes are so luxurious. What really makes them is in the details.

Ah, I couldn't just name this blog after him and not include the genious himself, Mr. Christian Louboutin, could I? For a moment I wondered if the shoes would be so popular if there were no such thing as the imfamous red sole? But then I looked at them again, imagined them without it, and realized they would still be just as fabulous without it. They are so well made and each have a uniquess to them that would make any girl lucky to call themself a Louboutin owner.


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im in loveee with givenchy shoes too...keep up the good work elana :]

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