Saturday, May 31, 2008

This Beauty of a Missoni Vest

Yes, I'm one of those people: vest lovers. I know there are so many people who think they're "overrated." Well in my opinion, "overrated" is a silly word created by people who want to feel better about themselves when they see something that they don't like. No one gets to decide what is "cool" or "fashionable", FASHION is a matter of opinion, just as beauty is. And in my opinion, I love things that make an outfit look instantly cooler, a vest being one of these. Ok, I'm ranting on about this, to my point:

Already seen on Ashley Olsen and Margherita Missoni, this Missoni vest has become a new love of mine. This vest is unlike any other vest I have seen. The detail is so...intruiging. It's ugly-pretty to put it bluntly. It could be taken in a way that makes you think it looks like some crazy lady who thinks she is an artist cut up some fabric and glued rhinestones to it. But the open-minded it is way more beautiful than that. It could easily dress up pants or jeans or make a simple dress seem more creative. And the grey color makes it even better. It wouldn't be as interesting if it were black, but the grey adds another unexpected touch.

I decided to fool around a little on Polyvore and use it as a base for two seperate outfits. Not my best polyvore work, but it'll do:

I do love how both celebrities paired with gowns to add a creative touch to formal attire, even if I like the grey version better. Personally, I think Ashley pull it off better:

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michelle said...

Oh my, that is adorable!