Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alexander Wang, I did not expect this from you...

As a devoted Alexander Wang fan, he is constantly surprising me. While most designer collections that I lust after have items that not only are out of my price range, the reality comes crashing down as I realize that even if I had the money (yeah, right) I would have no where to wear the delicious creations, at least not at this point in my life. But Alexander Wang brings that sense of reality that I have been longing for by designing clothes that could easily be worn in everyday life, if worn the right way. Of course his sheer tanks from his fall collection are not exactly practical, but that could be easily solved with a number of different clothing options.
After more "pointless web browsing of clothes that I will probably never be able to afford unless I plan to either get mega rich or not eat in the future" I was surprised with I found that this cute little number was designed by none other than Mr. Wang himself. A few minutes of investigating on and, I discovered that somehow I had overlooked more than one dress that I seemed a bit more...sophisticated? that what I expected from him. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that 1.I didn't think Alexander Wang was capable of things other than street style and grunge or 2. these are of the highest level of sophistication, BUT coming from his Spring 08 line of jeans, shirt dresses, and grunge... this was a nice surprise.
Some of my other favorites of his:

p.s. doesn't the model in the first couple of picture kind of remind you of Whitney from ANTM? and the last one kind of reminds me of Lauren..


Fashion Extacy said...

i love the first alexander wang dress...i actually have it bookmarked on my computer :]

michelle said...