Saturday, May 31, 2008

So Close...Yet VERY Far Away

A couple weeks ago, my friend came across eluxurybags, and did a double take like I did when she showed me it. Does that Balenciaga bag really say $590?? After navigating myself through the site I learned that the bags are real; The site explains "We guarantee everything that we sell to be 100% authentic. We deal with past season, over-production, and closeout items. Everything is brand new and unused with guarantee from any defects." They sell other bags like Prada, Miu Miu, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Fendi and a few others. My "I need this bag more than anything" bag would be the Balenciaga City...but I'd be content with any other Balenciaga. The First is really growing on me as well. The cheapest Balenciaga they have is this one for $550:

The City's are about $630. Like I said...I've become quite fond of the First bag as well. I'm incredibly smitten with this grey City one:
But they are still VERY out of reach in the wallet area...which explains the title to this post. Another site like this is Yoox, I like looking on this one for the shoes, especially the Chloe ones.

These are my favorites from it:

Slingbacks: $215, Ankle-straps: $235, Booties: $395

The Proenza Schouler ones are pretty great too, but even more expensive:


Nemerae said...

Very nice flog!, I do love fashion too haha ^^
That Balenciaga bag is very fashionable and lovely, and i want a pair of shoes like the last ones!! in blue & brown, wow :P

Fashion Extacy said...

i love the chloe slingbacks! theyre so cute and i totally agree the philip lim was is far more btter but the d&g one is cute too but theyre both way too expensive haha