Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Exciting!

Some things I'm excited about:

-I was finally able to purchase a really great navy vintage blazer! It fits perfectly and it pretty light weight, which make is CA wearable
-Urban Outfitters has tights 2 for $20. I bought a blue/grey pair and a heavy purple pair
-Alexander Wang's upcoming diffusion line
-Comme des Garcons upcoming H&M line
-Thakoon's upcoming Target line (was the alexander mcqueen one just a rumor?)
-The latest issue of Bazaar which not only has Alber Elbaz dresses as James Bond, but Karl Lagerfield admitting to loving rap
-I went to the library and came back with lots of goodies: Books that have biographies of most of the influential and important designers throughout time, and biographies on: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, and Jackie O.
-About a week and a half ago I visited the FIDM (fashion institute of design and merchandising) with Alena and Michelle (sadly Jessica was unable to join us!) and found my dream school. Seriously one floor holds Kelli's winning look from the grocery challenge on this season of Project Runway, AND an entire wall of Christian Dior ORIGINAL sketches complete with pattern samples, dating back to the 30's and 40's. The only thing separating us was a piece of glass. I decided that I MUST go to this school! ...and convince my mom to somehow let me go...
-September is quickly approaching... we all know what that means: Fashion Week(s)!

And what I am not so excited for:
-I probably won't be able to post agian until after Sept. 19! I got into some trouble with my parents (which i kind of ironic that out of ALL my friends, me, the innocent one, is in trouble) and am banned from electronics for a month! My parents are out of town this weekend so I snuck on. It wasn't anything major; I said I was going to the movies, plans with my friends changed, ended up not going to the movies, didn't call my parents, parents mad at me for lying. So I will have to find a way to see all the spring shows, since I am not allowed to use the computer. This means my lunches at school will most likely consist of being in the library pouring over and

Some inspiration to hold me over:

Just saw (most of) How to Steal a Million (must finish it soon!) and the clothes are to die for. I wish I could find more pictures of it!

This was the best scene, when Audrey is in disguise and is wearing all black lace, including this stunning eye mask:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wanting, Needing, Coveting, Saving up For

Wanting: I really want a vintage blazer and I love these ones from Nasty Gal Vintage, especially the Red Dior one, and the ivory one.

Needing: One of my fashion theories is that Wayfarers make any outfit look instantly cooler, and I decided that I really need a real pair, as I only have two pairs of "faybans". I really love the colored and two-tones ones and think they are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit.

Coveting: Looking on net-a-porter in the past few weeks I keep noticing that my absolute favorite pieces from each week's "what's new" has been Matthew Williamson. I adore each piece, and think he brings a great sense of bohemian softness with a touch of surrearilsm. I love the little ballerinas on some of the dresses!

Saving up for: I decided that I really need a pair of designer shoes, and is the way to do it. I love all these shoes (all from s/s o8) which are all fairly reasonable for designer shoes, but will hopefully purchase the Proenza Schouler sandals in the near future, as they are the cheapest ($128!) and the most practical for a high school student such as myself. I just need to finish saving up for car insurance, buy myself a new bag for school (speaking of which, I need to do SOON! I just need to decide where I want to get one from and how much I want to spend on one) and then these beauties will be mine. After that, I really hope to make the Margiela's mine. I have been so in love with overly chunky heel for a while now, and seeing them on Jane of Sea of Shoes, reinforced my idea that I must get them soon!

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer! I was bored last night and (in between rewatching Friends reruns online) created a whole list of things I can post about on the blog (which you'll be hearing about soon!)

p.s. Is everyone as excited as I am for all the fall tv shows to come back? I am a complete tv junkie (if you couldn't tell by my The Office quote box on the sidebar) and cannot wait for the likes of The Office, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Greek (its a guilty pleasure.. :D) and more to return! Oh did anyone watch So You Think you can Dance? thoughts??

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Clementines and Cupcakes

Ah, together again.
As a result of boring suburbs, the teenagers in my area are limited to...not much. Countless times have I had this conversation: "what do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?" "I don't know, what is there to do?" "Um..." So in a moment of inspiration, Michelle came up with the terrific idea of having a picnic in the park. With that adorable plan, the four of us- Alena(pink dress), Jessica(purple top), Michelle(blue dress), and I- headed to nearest Costco to get supplies, only to walk around the store for a good half and hour and end up buying smart water and pizza outside. From there we were off to a huge park not too far from us, and somehow found our way to shaded spot right by the "lake" and each plopped down on a corner of the yellow blanket. The next few hours were filled with pizza, laughing, ants, yelling at ants, talk of boys, bows, friends, tie-die, shopping, and more. And what do you do when you and your friends are all looking fabulous in a gorgeous park? You take pictures of course!

However, the night ended on a sour note, even after getting ice cream, with my parents forcing me to come home early and yelling at me when I got home for being "pushy" and "wanting more" whenever I want to stay out later. Luckily all is better with my parents and today will hopefully include the four of us going to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, because that is the type of movie that you must see with your girlfriends!

outfit details:
tank: H&M; Floral Skirt: F21; Sunglasses: Swapmeet; Shoes: Payless (I call them my pretty ugly shoes, they're kind of ugly, but I really love them anyway!)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

This is Why I need a Full length Mirror

Unlike many bloggers, I don't have the luxury of a.) a full length mirror, b.) someone to take my picture, or c.) a tripod/ a good camera that will stand on its side and capture a full length picture when I put it on the timer. Granted, I could ask my parents or brother to take my picture, but I'm pretty positive they'd laugh at me, but that's ok, because I'd probably laugh if they asked me to do the same. I finally brought over this chair/stool thing to stand on because I'm too short!

I've been feeling a little unimaginative lately about posts, so here a few late outfit posts: (sorry they're so boring compared to the rest of the fashion blogging community!!)

Floral Dress: Vintage; Vest: H&M; Belt: F21; Flats: Target

Cardigan: F21; Shoes: Nine West

On Wednesday, Alena, Jessica, Michelle, and I all went shopping (and had a great time, which is impossible not to happen with us) and I came back with a few things from Forever (its a sickness!) and this t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. I actually bought a dress from UO as well, but the price tag lied and it turned out to be twice the price. Initially I forked over the cash, with a worried look on my face. When we got outside I realized how little money I had left over, panicked, and went back in to return it.

(didn't bother trying with my hair!) Vest: (again!) H&M; T-shirt: UO; Shorts: F21

Here's a better look at the T. Its Peter Rabbit, isnt it adorable?

I did something bad! I did an outfit repeat! I wore this Monday night, but only two people saw me, I did laundry, and I was too lazy to think of something else to wear.

Dress: Buffalo Exchange; Shoes: Nine West; Bag: Balenciaga knock-off from Italy; Cardigan, Ring, Bow hair clip: F21

I'm hopeful that I'll have more inspiration soon! I only have about four weeks left of summer, but it's sure to be fun! I have some big plans including getting my license, and a back to school barbecue that my friend and I are planning. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!