Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wanting, Needing, Coveting, Saving up For

Wanting: I really want a vintage blazer and I love these ones from Nasty Gal Vintage, especially the Red Dior one, and the ivory one.

Needing: One of my fashion theories is that Wayfarers make any outfit look instantly cooler, and I decided that I really need a real pair, as I only have two pairs of "faybans". I really love the colored and two-tones ones and think they are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit.

Coveting: Looking on net-a-porter in the past few weeks I keep noticing that my absolute favorite pieces from each week's "what's new" has been Matthew Williamson. I adore each piece, and think he brings a great sense of bohemian softness with a touch of surrearilsm. I love the little ballerinas on some of the dresses!

Saving up for: I decided that I really need a pair of designer shoes, and is the way to do it. I love all these shoes (all from s/s o8) which are all fairly reasonable for designer shoes, but will hopefully purchase the Proenza Schouler sandals in the near future, as they are the cheapest ($128!) and the most practical for a high school student such as myself. I just need to finish saving up for car insurance, buy myself a new bag for school (speaking of which, I need to do SOON! I just need to decide where I want to get one from and how much I want to spend on one) and then these beauties will be mine. After that, I really hope to make the Margiela's mine. I have been so in love with overly chunky heel for a while now, and seeing them on Jane of Sea of Shoes, reinforced my idea that I must get them soon!

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer! I was bored last night and (in between rewatching Friends reruns online) created a whole list of things I can post about on the blog (which you'll be hearing about soon!)

p.s. Is everyone as excited as I am for all the fall tv shows to come back? I am a complete tv junkie (if you couldn't tell by my The Office quote box on the sidebar) and cannot wait for the likes of The Office, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Greek (its a guilty pleasure.. :D) and more to return! Oh did anyone watch So You Think you can Dance? thoughts??


Savvy Mode SG said...

i am needing, wanting, and coveting an orange hermes kelly bag. i just can't seen to talk myself into one yet, hopefully soon.

Claudia said...

You are really right about the Wayfarers, my little brother is 6 and he has a pair (well, they are not real ones) and I beg him to wear them every day, he just looks so cool with them.

terren said...

lost lost lost lost! haha i love lost too, but i don't think it's back for fall, is it? anyhow i love your coveted list mine is super long all the time... i'm always adding more to it.

Richel said...

love the wants. I am so addicted to tv, I can't wait until all my shows start again.

IRIS and PIETER said...

hih thanks!
a lovely wanting!
i adore blazers.
LOST <3 one of my fave series.

Shade said...

blazers look so good. you should get one.

Wendy said...

I want every last pair of shoes you posted. And the Nasty Gal stuff, though I think they're over priced.

rohit said...


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michelle said...

ILY. Sorry about leaving the bbq early :(

michelle said...

Awww it seems like I missed out on a lot D: We have to get together before school comes lol

Ivama said...

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