Sunday, June 15, 2008

In My Own Little Corner

The world of blogging is a wonderful thing. I have learned about so many things from my favorite fashion blogs. This past week I was looking at one my favorite's, Style Bubble, and came across one of my favorite posts that I have ever seen. She shared with us her love of artist Przemek Sobocki and his lovely artwork from Common Sense magazine, that introduced popular fairytale characters to the world of fashion. All the characters are posing with items from some designer's SS08 accessory lines.This is one of the coolest things that ive seen in awhile! This first one is The Little Mermaid of course, with Dolce and Gabanna. She was always my favorite as I have red hair and people would always tell me I looked like her when i was little (how someone can look like a cartoon mermaid, I don't know, but it made me feel special.) There are many fairytale characters, but there also a few historical figures, iconic movies (like The Wizard of Oz, Audrey Hepburn, etc.), and a few others in between. update: the headings are under the picture they belong to! even if they look like they belong to the picture they are above. Most of the characters are well-known so its pretty easy to figure out which belongs to which.
Snow White-Anteprima

Tinkerbell-Jil Sander

Cinderella-Jimmy Choo
Jasmine-ValentinoBeaty and the Beast-Armani (ah, my computer messed up!this isnt a link or supposed to be underlines!)
Alice in Wonderland-Louis Vioutton
Little Red Riding Hood-Blugirl
Pocahontas-Bottega Veneta
Thumbelina-Sergio Rossi
Ophelia-Miu Miu
Snow Queen-Longchamp
Frog Princess-KenzoThe Princess and the Pea-Moschino

Cleopatra-Paula Ka
Marie Antoinette-Lanvin
Joan of Arc-ChanelRomeo and Juliet-Hermes


Sabrina-Givenchy (how could Audrey not be in Givenchy?)
Princess Ann from Roman Holidays-Balenciaga

Leia from Star Wars-Yves Saint Laurent
Carmen-Marc Jacobs

Monanoke Hime-Nina Ricci

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Miss at la Playa said...

Dior + Venus is a great combination! :)