Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fashion A-Z's the first day of summer and...

I'm Bored!

I shouldn't be bored, I should be doing things with my friends and what-not, but I'm at home. So I decided to make a Summer Resolution:

This summer I will expand my knowledge about fashion and learn as much I can about designers, clothes, shopping, fabrics, and everything in between. I'm starting with designers but who knows, I might mix it up a little. I'm a little biased and am not going to include every designer and probably won't include ones I really do not like (don't worry that's hardly any). I'm starting with the A's though, so first on my list? Italian designer Alberta Feretti.

also what to expect this summer from The Blog with the Red Sole: summer resolution
2.hopefully more posts since I will have more time
3.more comments on other blogs and exploring new ones (again, more time)
4.Maybe a style blog? I'll be getting my license in August (hopefully!) so I'll be able to not only drive myself shopping, but I might pick up more shifts at work which means more money. And I'll FINALLY be able to drive myself vintage shopping! yay!

Ok so one summer of The Blog with the Red Sole, coming up!

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michelle said...

YES there is a story, but not sure how proud you're going to be..Lol.

And just send the image url in a comment :)