Sunday, June 22, 2008

Completely Unnecessary

I want to be dork! Well..I already am, but that's beside the point!

I am desperate for a pair of fake over-sized glasses. I first loved the look in the Luella s/s 08 show, and have continued to see them on bloggers and in stores.

Yesterday I was playing Rockband with my brother (proving my point that, yes, I am a dork) and was fooling around with my character's clothes. I gave her over sized glasses. The entire time we were playing (I was the singer :P) he kept saying "Oh my gosh Elana, your person looks so wierd with those glasses" or "Wow, you are SO dorky!" But I kept responding "Ah! I look SO cool!"
I love these huge dorky ones from Nasty Gal Vintage for $30

I found a bunch at, like these ones for $14
These for $18
and these for $20
These ones from F21 are $5.80

And of course, the lovely Luella ones for $175
I am going to the mall on wednsday and I seriously might buy the forever 21 ones...or maybe not if parents kill me for wasting my money, since I am already planning on buying a pair of knee socks...


Nemerae said...

What I do love of that collection by Luelly is that mini skirt, so cute!!! *.*
Yeah, Loreal is great, at least its beauty products =)

gorgeous said...

I like the glasses! I have always thought that I had a face for glasses and wanted them when I was younger! lol. I like your blog, do you want to swap links?

michelle said...

I want a pair too! x) Anyway, what mall are you going to Wednesday? I really need to go to some sort of forever 21 or wet seal or hot topic sort of status because I need rave accessories anyway :P

BJ said...


Tavi said...

I love the geek look. They have some at too, but they're not as cheap as the f21 pair including shipping, so go for the f21. Hope to see an outfit!

MadameDior said...

love the glasses, Luella's geek chic collection was one of my favorites of the seasons =]And i agree with Tavi fredflare have some awesome glasses