Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Close You can Taste It

Pre-Fall clothes are arriving! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited seeing how between-seasons clothing (pre-fall and resort) are supposed to be way more wearable than Spring and Fall. Don't ask me why designer clothes coming out excites me, considering I'll never own any of them...but seeing the collections translate from the runway or showroom is always a treat. And there is always a possibility of trying them on with no intention of buying anything, of course. These are the collections that I am most excited for: (please don't mind my terrible photoshop skills! I did end up realizing that I was doing something wrong, and I can upload pics from photoshop now!)


ShinyAndrea said...

Excellent roundup - and I like your photoshop pics!

michelle said...

You've done an excellent job with the images! Before or after our movie night, we're trying them on!

Nemerae said...

I do love your blog *.*
Nice pics!! Lanvin is one of my favourite designers... and I also like the collection by Proenza Schoulder ^^