Thursday, June 12, 2008

I SEE You!

School is finally out! Yesterday was our last day. Since almost no one showed up to our 4th period business class (pointless class if you ask me) me (the small redhead), Michelle from Neon Stilettos, and Alena from A Peek at Chic were able to do basically nothing. Luckily I came prepared with my camera and after sharing stories (Michelle), showing off fab designer clothes (Alena), and complaining about non-existent love lives (me) we broke out the camera and took pictures wandering around the school. Jessica from Fashion Extacy was supposed to be there...but she decided she was too cool for us... ok she couldn't come, but she was there in spirit!


Dress: See by Chloe, Sling backs: Louis Vioutton, Sunglasses:F21

Cardigan: borrowed from a friend, BP; White tank: Old Navy (?); Shorts: F21; Flats: Target
Sunglasses: Alena's


I'm actually not sure where Michelle's outfit is from, but I'm sure she'll tell me! I do know that she purchased her heels in Vegas. And of course Alena's sunglasses.


michelle said...

YAYAY You must send me the rest of the photos!

yiqin; said...

I really like your outfit! Cardigan, top & shorts combination is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

aww i cant believe i missed out...seems like u guys had fun! its ok though because we all much hang out over the summer :]