Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh, Sweet Cardigan

I think everyone has those "safe" outfits or pieces. The one that when you "have nothing to wear" you throw on and know you'll look good...even if you wear it a million times. For me, when I'm stuck I almost ALWAYS turn to a cardigan. And yes, people have noticed. But I don't care because I know that they always can complete an outfit. Personally, I like mine to be a bit oversized. Most of mine are from H&M, and like everything else there I have to buy it bigger. With their cardigans, I like to buy them two sizes bigger so they stay oversized even after they've been washed.

this is the only short sleeved one I own, but I love how long it is and looks great over dresses and high-waisted skirts:

I dont really get to American Apparel too often, but I've heard very good things about their cardigans
As for designer ones... I love Vince, Stella McCartney, and 3.1 Phillip Lim

And I've gone and pulled a Vintage Society (I love this blog, and this part of it!), and created an instant outfit because, really a cardigan is the perfect item to create multiple outfits with!

and this was my description of it:
I love a good cardigan! I am really craving this one from Chloe, which looks amazing with the sleeves rolled up. A cardigan can completely set the mood of an outfit, taking it from "I look amazing" to "Oh I just threw this on...and I STILL look fab!"
A cardigan is great to throw over a t-shirt and jeans so the look is still laid-back, but looks more put-together.
It is also great to throw over any dress. I think it is such a good piece to add to a printed dress so the look doesn't look too busy, or looking like you're trying too hard.
The last look is my favorite. Throwing a cardigan over a skirt and top option is perfect to look casual and chic at the same time.
Cardigans are wonderful because they so light weight as well. If you ever find yourself too over or under dressed a cardigan can easily be added to look more casual, or taken off to reveal a much chicer look.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

My favorites are the american apparel ones, I've got about five.

I do adore the one you showed in the first picture, it's quite classy.

Alena said...

i just love cardigans overall. amazing