Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stud Muffin

I finally have a studded belt in my possession! I was talking with my brother and mention something about studs, to which he said "Seriously, I think studs on girls are wierd! " I was a little offended considering how badly I wanted a belt, so I replied "Well..I think they're cool on belts and shoes" Luckily, he agreed. "Oh, well they're cool on belts." So I told him how I had been seeing on them on girls and really wanted one and to my surprise he said "I have an old one you could, I'll go get it." !!! So he handed me this studded belt that he's probably had since he was 10, but it's perfect! Well...I do have to turn the buckle to the side, because there aren't any studs where the buckle is, but that's all right!

My parents are having a poker party right now to raise money for the walk my mom is doing for Breast Cancer, and this is what I was going to wear tonight. But it ended up being a lot more casual and I just stayed in the H&M dress I was already wearing. I don't have a full length mirror, so I don't have a full length picture. I really do have a problem though. Almost all my clothes are from H&M and F21... And even though I realize that I continue to shop there. My birthday is next month and from my family I'm planning on asking for gift cards to Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Nine West... And if I'm really lucky, I can convince someone to take me vintage shopping!

Vest: H&M; Tank: Old Navy; Skirt: F21; Belt: brother's

I am currently hiding from my parent's friends and trying to do something instead of standing there with my brothers and sister-in-laws all wanting to be somewhere else. None of us can play poker because whoever wins gets $100 and my mom wants the money to go to someone else other than her or her kids. ..And there's a $50 buy in. But its all for charity! So I'll probably write a few posts to make myself busy.


Zepequeña said...


it´s so cool all the things uoy are showing us!


Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, wow the studded belt works perfectly with this outfit :)
Completely adore it, and i know what you mean i tend to buy some from the same places, i am thinking of shopping other places to at the moment,to add more vary to my wardrobe.
I wish i had a brother, then i Gcould steal his studded belts :)
Great post :)

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

wow love the studded belt..thanks to Sarah jessica parker for starting this trend back

Nemerae said...

Yep, I do love that Miu Miu dresses, so cute *.* and when I saw this skirt, I was sure it was going to be mine haha :P
Nice skirt yours, too!! ^^

michelle said...

I've feeling more alive so we must hang out soon! When are you free? And I'm so excited you did an outfit post! Yay for getting a free stud belt, and yay for charity poker! I don't know how to play...but at least it was for a good cause? :P And I love how you look in high wasted skirts! :3

MadameDior said...

lovely outfit, beautiful colour scheme

belle.chantelle said...


I got my mom's studded wrist cuff, belt, and whatever else I could find from this photoshoot she did when she was like 20. Obviously I won't wear it all at the same time, that's too punnk.

Tavi said...

The studded belt is great! You matched it very well, I love the color combination. H&M and F21 have a lot of great stuff, but it's nice to expand your wardrobe. The best stuff is always at the thrift stores though ;)