Friday, October 31, 2008

And a Happy Halloween to You

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a great night! All my plans got canceled, then changed, then back on, then canceled, and then changed again but I'm looking forward to a fun night of watching movies with Alena (who refuses to update her blog...)

This week has been crazy! I've been so stressed out with school and it doesn't help that almost everyone around me is just as stressed. I've been fighting with my family all week and struggling to balance school work (especially a stressful persuasive speech in AP English) and everything else (trying to make plans with people and finish getting all the costumes ready for my Drama department's plays in three weeks.) Luckily it seems like everything is getting better!

Tomorrow I get to help paint our amazing set and then go to a costume party for my friend's birthday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

p.s. sorry, I have been so lazy and have not taken any outfit posts, let alone have an outfit worthy of any this week. :(

p.p.s. on the bright side, I've found a few college options that I'm excited about!


Vintage Vinyl said...

Oh college options! Always a fun yet stressful decision.

yiqin; said...

:D I love that mask!!!!!