Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh to be inspired

I hope everyone has had a good week and is ready to enjoy the weekend! My week was pretty uneventful... I really need to find a way to take pictures of my outfits so that I can start doing outfit posts.

Fashion Week: thoughts? LOVED McQueen, the detail was incredible! Dries Van Noten was so insanely wearable and perfect. I cannot wait for Lanvin, Chloe, and Miu Miu! Oh and was anyone else not surprised that Alessandra Facchinett got the ax? With exception of a few lovely looks, it was unbelievably boring! There is such a ginormous difference between her snore fest and Valentino's last ready-to-wear collection (spring 08) filled with bright, girly cocktail dresses and GOWNS, you know, gowns, one of the many reasons Valentino was so loved? Yeah, I think she missed out on that part.

p.s. if you're a tv junkie like me... we need to talk. Who else is angry that The Office wasn't new this week? AND who else thinks that Serena needs to stop choosing random times to be bitch and stick with one personality? (Gossip Girl)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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michelle said...

I'm caught up with Gossip Girl...Blair needs to stop being a bitch and trying to get revenge at every possible opportunity. Honestly like after last episode I was SO annoyed at her. And I was really annoyed that Chuck found out Dan's plan because it was really sweet how Chuck was being vulnerable :(