Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Keeping Things Light and Fluffy

Today I am taking a little break from all of the innovative, respected, risk-taking designers, and spending my day with something lighter and fluffier. After browsing a little online I found three designers that caught my eye. As you or may not know I am a lover of all things girly, lacey, feminine, pretty, etc.- even after growing up with 4 brothers. The first of the three is Sretsis, who I have written about before. I last showcased their spring collection, but I want to share the fall/winter one, which is even as delicious as the last. Personally, I don't think the runway show does the clothes justice, and I highly suggest looking at the photographs on the website. (personally, I thought the best looks were toward the end.)

Heidi Merrick:

I am really in love with this collection. It's all things flirty and girly and the pictures are just as great. The only downside to this LA based designer? Don't the clothes look like they wouldn't be out of place in a J. Crew catalog? www.heidimerrick.com/

Fleur Wood:

Like Merrick, Fleur Wood has caught my eye with sweet silhouettes and feminine quality. Again, its nothing TOO special, but still sweet.


michelle said...

Totally loving these :)

Amanda said...

All of these lines are great and use beautiful fabrics. I saw that La Rousse has Sretsis on sale if you're interested.


Hot Bot said...

So good! Great picks.

yiqin; said...

The first one is so pretty! I love the one wit the cat mask too. Awesome.

Nemerae said...

OMG such a great designs!! and I'm in love with that Heidi Merrick blue coat, it's so perfect!!!

bridechic said...

More great stuff to love