Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back from the dead

I'm back from my month of being amish and can finally use electronics again!

What's been happening:
-school started. I generally like all my classes and am taking some pretty amazing electives (Drama and Fashion ROP.) Drama is incredible, the class is fun and some of us take an after school ROP class as well. The really cool part is that I'm on Drama Board and am co-head of the Design comittee which means I'm in charge of costumes and props for all the shows. We have awesome people on our comittee with a ton of talent and I can't wait to get to work with the costumes.

-Fashion ROP...It's fantastic in the sense that we get to do things for homework and for a grade that I do for fun in my free time. I mean a homework assignment was to answer questions about Coco Chanel! And luckily I get to be in class with Michelle, Jessica, and Alena. We got to do this really great group project where we did a powerpoint on fashion from a decade of our choice. We did the 1920's and had a lot of fun with it, it turned out really great (and at least we knew how to pronounce the names of wouldnt believe the different pronunciations we heard of Lacroix, Alaia, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent. And one person actually asked, "Wait, is Gucci like a rip off of Pucci??" The four of us all had our jaws dropped and the teacher said "these girls know.." to which I yelled out "they're names! they're different people! they're completely different!!") But all of us can't help but feel like we could teach the class more than our teacher is...Hopefully we learn more as the year goes on!

-I'm still a failure at life...I hate DMV workers...

-Fashion week!!!! As with every fashion week there are huge successes, and huge dissapointments. Some of my favorites so far: Luella, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Brian Reyes, Jenni Kayne, Helmut Lang, J. Mendel, Jonathan Saunders, Marni, Oscar de la Renta, Thakoon, Preen, etc.

Some dissapointments: Maybe its just me, but I really wasn't feeling Proenza Schouler this season. I think its because I'm so used to seeing clothes that are very wearable and a collection of wanting every single piece. But this seemed more editorial, less wearable, and kind of an exageration of what they normally do. Maybe it just needs to grow on me. Again, maybe its just me, but there was something about Zac Posen that I just did not like this season. I think its probably because its a little reminiscent of Cavalli, and I've never been a huge Cavalli fan. I never thought I'd say this but: I wasn't a fan of my lovely A Wang! He took a risk by using bright colors and taking inspiration from Miami, but I thought that he should have just stuck to his roots. Oh, and PRADA!! what was that? It looked straight of the 90's, but not the good "taking inspiration from" or even going down the grunge path, but I really did not like it all! How could Miucca let me down like that? Of course, I'll remain faithful to all of them but hopefully they step it up next season.

Cannot wait for Paris to start! Looking foward to Lanvin, Balenciaga, Chloe, Givenchy, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu (you have a chance to redeem yourself Miucca! use it wisely Please!), Dries Van Noten, etc.

-Also, who's been watching Project Runway? Team Jurell! And I think I may be the only person on the planet who kind of is interested in seeing Kenley's collection...

-Friday I went to South Coast (a high end mall in SoCal) with Michelle and Alena in hopes of finding them some homecoming dresses. It wasn't exactly the best place to look considering everything is way too expensive for all of us combined! But we had tons of fun drooling inside designer stores. It was really excited because both the Christian Louboutin store and the Balenciaga store opened last week. The Balenciaga store was my favorite! And a saleswoman even commented on my (not exactly real Balenciaga) bag, asking where I got it because she had never seen that that size before. I had to admit that it was a knock-off bought in Italy, but I was happy because she said she was impressed with how real it looked. A women in Yves Saint Laurent even complimented me on it :D One of the really cool things about the Balenciaga store was that Balenciaga has an exclusive line where they picked 10 looks from Cristobal Balenciaga's archives and recreated them for a limited time. As you can guess, they were stunning.
Michelle found a dress in H&M which looked fantastic on her and she'll have a lot fun dressing it up with bright accessories.
Alena tried on an AMAZING Elizabeth and James dress in Intermix, that looked like it was made for her (which isnt hard to do considering she has a perfect body...). Now all she has to do is convince her mom to shell out the $225...

Some inspiration to hold me over:


michelle said...

YAY YOU POSTED!! And I read every bit of it hehe :) Great photos!

(and yes, I am actually on the computer before school, how lame am I? :P)

michelle said...

They described my feelings in a better way then I could :P

And I have no idea, I have just saved up a vast collection of photos xD
That made me smile and think of you :)

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

lovely photos and post

take care dear

Caroline said...

you've posted such interesting photos! all beautiful.