Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unexpected Inspiration

Completely inspired by Raf Simons' latest collection for Jil Sander, I was interested in what had inspired him. So, as I'm sure many others are doing, I set out to do some research on ceramist Pol Chambost, of whom Simons drew his inspiration from.

"Graduate from "l'Ecole des Arts Appliques de Paris" Pol Chambost chose ceramic and in 1925 began to design dinner sets and dishes for the Parisian department stores.

After WWII, his collaboration with Georges Jouve liberated his creativity, and he was an admirable interpreter of free forms. He worked also in Vallauris with Roger Capron for the conception and colors of firing glazing.

In 1956 he designed its bamboo line, a whole set of ceramic dishes and vases imitating bamboo. He gave up his complex forms and headed toward very pure and simple designs.

In 1965, at 59 he settled in Perigord and worked on his research about enamel. There he made his famous enameled eggs.

The rating of this artist climbs regularly." source

From seeing these photos, it is easy to see that Simons was not speaking lightly in saying that he was inspired by Chambost. He was able to take this identifiable work of art and make it into identifiable works of art as clothing. He is proving to be a true artist and seems to have the the fashion world in awe.

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yiqin; said...

I love how it is almost like his Men's collection!!!