Tuesday, July 15, 2008

La Vida Dulce

Home sweet home! This is going to be a long post so if you dont want to hear me ramble on about my trip, thats all right.) I arrived home late Saturday night (actually it was more like sunday morning) and am starting to settle back at home. I cannot even begin how to describe how incredible the trip was! I've to the point where I have decided that there are only so many positive adjectives and not all of them combined could put into words how much I loved Europe. We arrived in Barcelona on the 3rd, and to our luck, our luggage was lost! Luckily we were meeting up with about 8 of my parents friends who generously loaned us all we needed (one of my parents' friends' daughter who is 26 came with her friend and were so kind to make sure I had enough clothes until our luggage came.) Our luggage finally came friday night, the night before we left for our cruise. Barcelona was beautiful, everywhere you turned there was another little side street filled with cafes and little shops, and the most delicious food.

Our cruise departed on saturday and more excitement began! Seriously, cruises are the way to travel! There is so much to do and never a dull moment! The next day were in France where we visited Cannes and Nice, which were both wonderful. I had a real French crepe, which was unbelievable delicious! We also visited this perfume factory where I bought a bottle of perfume.

The next day was Florence, which was my favorite. The thing about Europe is that it has been around for so much longer than America that there is so much more history to explore. We visited these amazing churches that had been standing for so many years, and saw the copy of David and other beautiful statues. We ate lunch at this tiny restaurant on an outside patio where we got a view of all these old bulidings and churches. It was also the most amazing meal I have ever had! My dad ordered pizza and I got a pasta and we shared, and WOW! It goes without saying that Italian pizza is amazing, but this was the first time I had ever had some. And the pasta! It had all these different cheeses and spinach and..wow. And then we went to all these jewelry shops (too expensive for me!) and this little leather market. I know I've expressed my feelings about knock-offs before, but I couldn't resist getting the BEST Balenciaga knock-off! It's small with a long strap and looks like the real thing, but I payed way too much for it! It was originally 60 euros but the guy gave it to me for 45. So I said: "45? for a balenciaga knock-off?" Guy:"Its real leather! And it no knock-off! just similar!" Me: "well..its VERY similar..." but I couldn't resist.

The next day was Rome, which I seriously cannot put into words. We went inside the Colosseum and went to Vatican City where we saw the Sisteen Chapel and St.Peter's Cathedral. Just...WOW

The day after we went to Sorrento and saw the Almalfi Coast and visited Pompei. Pompei also, was just incredible.

Our last day in a port was Polermo where we just walked around the shops. I couldn't resist a different Balenciaga knock-off (hey, this might be the closest I'll ever get!) but bigger and for only 10 euros, a pair of fake Ray-Bans for really cheap, and a really cool belt. And then I had the best gelato I had all week! yum!

The next day was at sea...and then it was over! But I'm happy to be home again! I'll put up pictures soon! Sorry this was so long!

P.s. My birthday is on THURSDAY! I turn 16!! finallly! AND my mom is taking me vintage shopping on saturday as my present! (again, finally!) :D

oh and in case you were wondering, yes, there were PLENTY of cute guys on the ship.. :D

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